Fresh Seafood & Steak

Shark Bite     $7. 50

Ready for a swim? This assortment of Rum, Blue Curacao, and sweet and sour mix with a bite of grenadine that will leave you wishing you had just laid in the sand. Don't worry, you'll wash up sooner or later.

Island Martini     $6.25

 This delicious cocktail is part island paradise and part mouthwatering goodness. It's sure to leave you wanting to put your feet in the sand. Enjoy the generous amount of Tropical Punch Vodka and pineapple juice.

Ocean Water     $5.50

It's not as salty, but just as blue.  You only need one but you may want two.  The perfect mix of Pinnacle coconut Vodka, and Blue Curacao with a Sprite splash.

Hurricane     $8.50

It's always hurricane season at Scottie's, but we aren't afraid of a little thunder and lightning. Take cover at the bar and enjoy an extra smooth blend of vodka, gin, amaretto, rum, triple sec, pineapple, grapefruit and grenadine.

"Super" Moscow Mule     $11.95

Vodka and Not Your Father's Ginger Beer are complimented by refreshing lime in this stomach warming cocktail.  Served in a sturdy copper mug to prevent total destruction after slamming down a few of these doubles.

Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary      $6.25

Like it hot? We do!  There's no way you won't love this spicy twist on an old favorite.  Vodka it is!

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere